SOC-346: African American Women: Unheard Voices and Contemporary Lifestyles

Suggested Prerequisites

Soc 51 Race, Class, and Gender in U.S. Society, Soc 75 African Americans in Contemporary Society, or WS 10 Gender and Society

Course Description

This course examines the socialization of black womanhood from a black feminist standpoint. We explore how race, gender, class, constructions of womanhood, and public and private activism shape black women’s contemporary ideologies. Understanding how intersecting oppressions and strategies to resistance affect black women’s lives is the key element of this course.

Course Objectives

Students will be acquainted with social and historical trends and perspectives of and about African American women.

Students will be introduced to and offered the opportunity to evaluate the adequacy of various conceptualizations, i.e., theories of Black feminist and Womanist thought and practice.

Sample Websites

Black Feminism Bibliography

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