Great points made in this article. I will definitely have to use this next time I teach Endocrinology #BIO370. Four Reasons Why Under-Eating Doesn’t Help Weight Loss – via @obesityhelp

Anyone who has taken #BIO370 (Endocrinology) knows CORTISONE=/=CORTISOL. Now I don’t know what to think about the original research because it doesn’t include this distinction but this shows the importance of knowing the limitations of your methods when doing research. 5/5

My new #BIO380 lab was featured in a blog post from @edvotek! If you’re not familiar with them you should check them out- lots of good ideas & lab kits from K-12 to undergrad. They were super easy to work with to customize their existing kits for my upper level biochem course.

So pleased to hear Dr. Garvey mention “Adiposity Based Chronic Disease” in the #ENDOonline2020 webinar “Breaking the Cycle: Approaches to Long-Term Weight Loss and Obesity Care”. I have been encouraging students to think this way about obesity for a while in #BIO370.

An advantage of life over Zoom: Got to watch my former student Ayon Ibrahim ’13 give his PhD thesis defense. He was an amazing student with #TeamCohen @unioncollege & he has reached new levels working with Zoltan Arany @AranyLab @pennmedicine