Recent Publications:

  • “Al3+ modification of graphene oxide membranes: Effect of Al source,” E.J. Robertson, Y.Y. Stehle, X. Hu, L. Kilby, K. Olsson, M. Nguyen, and R. Cortez, Membranes 12, 1237 (2022).
  • “Using Al3+ to tailor graphene oxide nanochannels: Impact on membrane stability and permeability,” Y.Y. Stehle, E.J. Robertson, R. Cortez, I.V. Vlassiouk, R.B. Bucinell, K. Olsson, and L. Kilby, Membranes 12, 871 (2022).
  • “In-plane and through-plane dielectric properties of graphene oxide membrane: Effect of Al3+ modification,” Y.Y. Stehle, E. Robertson, R. Cortez, R.B. Bucinell, and I.V. Vlassiouk, Materialia 23, 101 442 (2022).
  • “Improving conductivity in carbon nanotube percolating networks through inclusion of Laponite nanoparticles,” L. Valdman, D. Dobbs, R. Cortez, and M.E. Hagerman, Materials Letters, 217, 88 (2018).
  • “Comparative AFM studies of water processable polyaniline films: Influence of reaction time on nanomorphology and conductivity,” J.S. Mondschein*, A. Kowalski*, J.D. Kehlbeck, M.E. Hagerman, and R. Cortez, Materials Letters, 131, 262 (2014).
  • “Oxygen effects on barium strontium titanate morphology and MOS device performance,” I. Abdel-Motaleb, B. Akula, K. Leedy, and R. Cortez, Materials Letters, 92, 389 (2013).
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  • “Chemical and microstructural characterization of rf-sputtered BaTiO3 nano-capacitors with Ni electrodes,” J.N. Reck, R. Cortez, S. Xie, M. Zhang, M. O’Keefe, and F. Dogan, Applied Surface Science, 258 (15), 5599 (2012).
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*Union College undergraduate student