The alert from technology

The Shape of Water illustrates a story that a monster learned the action and emotion of human, while facing with many challenges and overcoming the challenges with a group of human. Among the challenges, many technology appears. Technology is anything that people build to use for extending the convenience in the life. In the Shape of Water, there is a theme of technology. some of the them are used for good aspects such as the bomb and the medicine, and some of them are used for bad aims such as the chain and the gun. And I was wondering that what does the technology, either good or bad, mean?


For profit the manager in the office locks the monster in a lab room. However, the servant Elsa and the scientist Dimitri recognized the ability of the monster to communicate with people. One scene is that Dimitri decided to put the bomb on a pipe in the garage to create a temporary light off to save time for the rescue for the monster. It can be interpreted as a positive usage of the technology, since it is human’s recognition and identity to the monster, which are corresponding to the positive characteristic of human. What the monster gives to the helpers is understanding and communication. On the other side, the governors use the chain used to lock the monster so that it can be controlled until death, which makes the monster as a tool for their profit in the real world. It could be a natural result that the manager in the office is killed by the claw attacking of the monster. From here, it can be an alert: based on what the technology is and how the technology is used, human can get obviously different result, in which the law of nature applies. However, it is often that human do not notice the goal that they use technology: if a weapon is used for killing people without limit, then the law makes the jurisdiction; otherwise, a weapon could be a tool that the police act for order and justice. Therefore, the tiny theme of technology in the movie could be a hint and an alert for our using of technology.

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  1. I agree with your statement of technology being a major theme in this movie. However, I believe a more important thing to look at is the the thirst for technology/advancement in the movie. The movie is set during a Cold War, a time where the Soviet Union and the US were fighting to see who can accomplish the most in space. That being said, the Monster is viewed by both sides to be technology that could help either side advance in the war.

    I think you can approve your argument by making more references to the Cold War. You said in your argument that you believe the monster is being kept for profit. I interpreted the control of the monster to be for the purposes of winning the Cold War. In the movie they state how they believe that the monster may be able to survive in space which would clearly give the US an advantage in the war. We also see the general bark commands at one of the scientist because of his thirst for technology or advancement. I think all of these points could be very useful in your discussion of technology. In conclusion, your argument makes a lot of great points about technology that stimulate further conversation.

  2. I really enjoy the question you asked regarding technology in The Shape of Water and its role in our society today. I agree with you that technology has both advantages and disadvantages in various situations, depending on how it is used. I believe that The Shape of Water may have highlighted the use of technology throughout the movie to send an overarching message to the viewers. Perhaps the director, Guillermo del Toro, wanted to address the growing issue of technology in society today. Although it has many benefits, it may be a detriment to humans in that it is a distraction, there is less security, and artificial intelligence is a growing issue today. Technology has almost become too dominant in society as it has essentially taken over many aspects of daily activities and duties, and this topic has caused some controversy among people today.

    In The Shape of Water, the use of the gun by Strickland to shoot Elisa and the creature is a representation of technology in a negative manner. The gun represents hatred and power concurrently because it was used to harm them both, while demonstrating the power that technology has. A gun has the power to end lives, which makes it an extremely dominant source of technology. However, on a more positive aspect, the bomb that is used by Dimitri and Elisa essentially represents freedom. Although many bombs are used in destruction, the bomb in the movie is used in the rescue of the creature by Elisa and Dimitri. I think your point that humans often do not realize the purpose of using technology is very interesting and eye-opening. It seems as though many people have become accustomed to having technology at the tips of their fingers, that they often forget the value and purpose of the technology they are using. Thus, I agree that the technology used in The Shape of Water has a deeper meaning that should be taken into consideration by all viewers. Perhaps we must appreciate technology more, but also be smarter about our usage of technology.

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