Relationship with a House?

In the play, By The Water, by Sharon Rothstein, Marty, the father of two, is in a dilemma where the whole community he lives in wants to leave because of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Marty however, wants to stay in his town and not leave the home he has started his family in. I will question what Marty’s house symbolizes to him?

I think Marty’s house represents a toxic relationship with a girlfriend. What I mean by this is that whatever happens or no matter how big of a fight (the house getting ruined) they get in, Marty always comes back even though he should not. He thinks about all the good memories the house and him had together. For example when he is talking to his wife, Mary, he explains to her all the great times they had together in that house. He states, “I was a kid here. We started our family here. How many mornings have we had, walking down to the beach, the sun coming up, looking out over Brooklyn, thinking ‘Brooklyn. What schmucks.’ I’ve been the luckiest man on the planet” (23). Even though Marty has had a lot of great times in his house, there becomes a point where he has to move on like one would have to do if they were in a toxic relationship. One can not keep coming back if they know that they are going to get hurt. Marty has to stop coming back to the old house because he knows that there is going to be another storm that is going to cause more problems in his life like a toxic girlfriend would.

5 thoughts on “Relationship with a House?

  1. I think you took a really interesting viewpoint on what the actual house in the play could be symbolic of. I actually had not given any thought to what the house stands for before reading your post.

    You make a unique point that the house could be symbolic of a toxic relationship. However, I’m not sure if you are saying that Marty’s relationship with Mary is potentially toxic or if you are just looking at how Marty’s relationship with the house itself is toxic. I definitely agree that the relationship between Marty and the house is potentially toxic. You discuss what a toxic relationship consists of and this seems to be relatively consistent with Marty’s relationship with the house. Evidently, he is unwilling to let go of the good times and memories even though he knows it is better for himself and everyone else to just move on.

    In terms of your question, I think the house itself is actually symbolic of these memories from the past. This is why Marty struggles so much to let go of it. After all, a house is made of brick and stone, but a home is made of love alone. Marty wants to hold on to the past because what is currently going on in his life and with his family is much harder deal with. However, we see at the end of the play that Marty realizes how much more important his family is than the actual house. I think that Marty needed his issues with his sons and his wife to be resolved in order for him to realize that he was holding on the past where things okay. Therefore, resolving issues enabled him to realize that it is family that truly makes him the happiest.

  2. I like the point you mentioned that “Marty’s house represents a toxic relationship with a girlfriend”. However, I didn’t really get the meaning of “a girlfriend”, is that his wife; or did you mean that the house just like a toxic relationship that traps people in? I think you could spend a few more sentences to make this clear.

    I agree with you with that metaphor, but I’d like to say that Marty is too childish and selfish. He lives in past memories and thinks that as long as he stays there, he will be happy. However, the truth is that he needs to pay a lot of efforts to rebuild the house, and people around are moving away, and his families also want to move away because this is very dangerous, not only to their properties but also their lives. Also, he uses tricks to keep the house, regardless of what kind of result he’ll bring to his son’s wife. He is a man lives in a dream and to keep the dream real and continue cheating himself of having a happy and satisfying life, he’ll try his best to make it.

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