“Raised On It” – Sam Hunt

During class while we were reading “By the Water” by Sharyn Rothstein, we had a conversation about the significance of living in a community that is located by the water. Therefore, the question I will be addressing is: what is the significance being a part of a waterside community?

Sasha discussed the signficance of the water itself in her last blog post which I found to be very interesting. She pointed out that everything that happens throughout the plot of the play is in someone connected to the fact that they live so close to the water. For example, the fact that the hurricane happened to begin with, and then as a result of this, everyone in the family ends back up at the house together. Getting the family together is essential to the story as we see their relationships unfold in very deep and real ways. Ultimately, everyone has a different opinion about staying in their house by the water as a result of their own experiences there.

As someone who actually lives in the exact kind of community depicted in the play, I think I can definitely understand the appeal and struggle of living by the water. I’m not sure if its the water itself, or the tight-knit community by the water, but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else to be honest. I don’t blame Marty for wanting to stay in his home, I even sympathize for him.  Bad things happen all the time, which is why its so hard to leave the places that bring us the most comfort. In 2012, my own house was badly damaged as a result of Hurricane Sandy. After being evacuated from our house, I was truly scared not knowing if I would ever call that house my home again. It was never about the house itself though, it was always about the memories. To have to leave the house and even the neighborhood that built you is beyond frightening.

Furthermore, in terms of living in a waterside community, there is no other community that is as close or as intimate. I’m not sure if its the seclusion of the neighborhood itself, or the similar lifestyles we live, but my neighborhood has truly contributed to my life in significant ways. My neighbors helped raised me, babysit me, two of them are my Godparents, and I may or may not have dated the boy next door. I might be a little biased, but there’s nothing quite like living by the water, and I don’t think its something I could ever let go of.

5 thoughts on ““Raised On It” – Sam Hunt

  1. Hello Julia,
    I like that you brought in your own perspective in this blog post to show strong support for Marty. I think it depends on where we grew up as a child and how safe we felt being there. I grew up in a place far from a river or lake. It is one of those reasons why I didn’t learn how to swim from an early age. Most kids learn how to swim because they lived near a river or local swimming pool. I find it very fascinating to see a different perspective of living.
    You have mentioned growing up by the water and it became a significant part of your life. I do see the similarity with Marty who worked hard to build his life from scratch. With such love and admiration given, he wouldn’t trade it for a view in Manhattan. It’s those little things that are more valuable than something the society would fancy. It reminds me of the Up movie where Carl didn’t want to leave the house which he built with his deceased wife. He didn’t allow the skyscrapers and money to replace his house full of memories. From this, I am able to understand why Marty is stubborn to not leave his house that needs full of repair but holds full of memories.

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