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Blended Learning – Tools

Blended Learning – Tools

on Aug 4, 2014 in Blended Learning, Guides |

Here we are going to go over a list of technology that can be used to accomplish a variety of blended learning objectives within the  classroom.

Especially if you are just beginning to use blended learning we recommend you implement a few techniques at a time to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed.

E Portfolio

Also known as an electronic portfolio, this technology assists students and instructors by digitally keeping track of student accomplishments, assignments, and work. Usually e portfolios are accomplished by using an easy to manage website creation software such as WordPress or Google sites.

iPad Loaner

This program allows professors to be able to “check out” iPads for their students if desired to use for class projects or assignments. We hope this program will encourage professors to make use of the vast resources available for teaching with the iPad.


This program is a very simple to use and learn online question and answer system within the browser. The idea behind Piazza is that a lot of the learning takes place while away from the professor. Having an online discussion board will allow students to meet online and talk through questions on the class material.


Panopto aims to be an easy to use lecture capture software with an integrated website system for hosting the video/audio recorded. The creators went out of their way to make it very streamline. With the touch of a button one can capture their content and upload it to the server and be provided with a link to share the video.

Wacom Tablets

These tablets aim to assist professors in creating technical videos with their computer. Wacom tablets allow you to draw directly onto your computer screen. In combination with recording these tablets are a powerful tool in explaining detailed concepts to students.


A program used to perform simple or complex audio editing. It is possible to export the file into a multitude of formats. The program also supports an array of useful plugins to achieve various effects.


A cloud-based video editing program that is done entirely within your browser. Used for its ease and its built in collaboration option. The option allows users to share projects and work on them concurrently.


Originally used as a blogging platform WordPress now is a fully equipped content management system for the web. One can create a very nice website that can serve a variety of functions through WordPress. The major benefit is one does not need a lot of technical experience to effectively create nice content.

Wikis – Nexus

Many of you may have heard of wikis outside of Nexus such as the infamous site Wikipedia. Nexus can support a similar type of collective system of a living document fully within Nexus. These wikis are typically used within collaborative projects and assignments as a way of aggregating resources.


A fantastic tool created by MIT that turns any PDF document into an interactive living document that can be shared within your web browser.


A video conferencing solution used by millions to talk with correspondents over the internet.  WebEx offers a safe and reliable way to talk with employees or guests in a relaxed setting.


A video service which allows to host an array of videos and is able to be incorporated with a learning management system.






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