Designing a Low-Cost Ultrasound Pulser

Hi! Welcome to my capstone design page!

My name is Andrea Huey, and I am working with Professor Takashi Buma to design a low-cost ultrasound pulser/receiver. Professor Buma already has a very expensive device to drive an ultrasound pulser/receiver, but sometimes he needs to image more than one thing at once and doesn’t have the option to purchase a second device. The machine has a great deal of adjustable inputs, which enhance the final performance of the machine but can also greatly increase the cost. My project, therefore, is to design a device that has all the same basic functionality as the expensive device Professor Buma already has. Some basic requirements for the project include the ability to produce a very high (-200V to -350V) output pulse of approximately 20 ns in duration. The repetition rate for the pulse output should be around 1 kHz, though ultimately something closer to 20 kHz is desired. Longer term goals include adjustability with regards to how the output is triggered (through either an external source or internal clock), and repetition rate.

You can click around on this site and see the preliminary design report from Spring 2018, as well as the current design progress!


Thanks again for stopping by!

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