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Monument to the People’s Heroes


Tienanmen Square is a plaza in the center of Beijing, China. Tienanmen Square is a historical and social landmark in China. In the center of Tienanmen Square, there is the Monument to the People’s Heroes. The monument was built as a way of honoring those who died in the revolutionary conflicts that inflicted China. The monument was proposed in 1949 and then completed in 1958. According to Hung Wu, author of Remaking Beijing, “The Monument to the People’s Heroes gave visual form to the regime’s revised understanding of history under socialism.” The designers of the sculpture are Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng. The monument is also designed in a way of chronological order of events in China’s history. These events include: the opium war, May 4th Movement in 1919, the resistance against Japan, etc. The monument provides a visual representation of the Chinese government’s history under socialist rule. Other than the monument’s representation and meaning, the structure has an empowering build which lays at the center providing a sense of strength of China’s history and government.

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