Week 1 blog

  1. One of my favorite athletic moments was during the spring of my senior year of high school. A lot of my friends and I decided to play rugby that spring even though none of us had ever played it before and it would probably be the last time all of us would be on the same sports team together. It was the first time rugby had been offered as a sport at our school so it would be pretty cool to be a part of the inaugural season. It’s basically football without the pads, and it was pretty damn fun. Running through people and tackling without pads and a helmet seemed odd at first, but we eventually got the hang of it. Overall we had a pretty good inaugural season going 4-1. But to me that spring was more than just playing rugby, it was about being on the same competitive field as your friends one last time.
  2. Understanding exercise physiology is important to know since it affects our day to day lives. It’s crucial to understand how the body responds to varying situations such as during a workout, running, or even at different climates and what it does in order to maintain homeostasis. It’s also critical to know how different parts of the body work together in order to keep ourselves functioning properly. That is why exercise physiology is paramount in order to understand biology.
  3. I think a lot of the concepts from behavioral neuroscience and evolutionary biology could be useful for exercise physiology. Understanding how the nervous system responds to varying stimuli throughout the body should be useful for understanding how the body maintains homeostasis. Also understanding how/why certain traits are more beneficial than others could also help contribute to exercise physiology.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 blog

  1. Haim,
    What a cool story — both from the record your team achieved but also from the great experience of being together to celebrate the end of your high school years. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Haim, I appreciate you sharing. Taking on a new challenge like that with it being your first time playing in an inaugural year. I can relate in a way as well. Although I had been playing basketball for almost my life, I too was part of an inaugural season for a team. In my sophomore year of college, a few of my friends and I were the first ever to start up a club basketball team here at the school. We went undefeated in our first season and went 16-8 in our second official season, finishing just one game shy of playoffs. This last season was especially sentimental for me because it was the last time I’d really get to play with some of my senior friends who helped to start the club as well. It also meant a lot because it gave me a way to thank them by providing them with one last chance to play basketball in a competitive and organized environment.

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