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  1. I am not very athletic, so I don’t really have an athletic accomplishment to share. When I was younger, however, I was slightly more fond of outside activities. Even though I was a city kid, I would spend my summers in a suburban area, where it was more necessary to get entertainment outdoors. I enjoyed swimming, to the point that I could go everyday and never get bored. I also had an uncle who greatly enjoyed the outdoors, and who often took me out to experience nature. I would go hiking occasionally with my cousins during this time, or ride bikes. Although they aren’t exactly accomplishments, they are fond childhood memories relating to athletics.
  2. Exercise physiology would give more insight into the human body. Someone who isn’t very active will have a very different body type compared to a trained athlete. A runner will have a different body type compared to a football player. With exercise physiology, you learn what these differences are, how they developed,and why they can develop. Biology is about understanding the differences in living organisms, so I think this course will teach me about biological differences  in a field that I’m currently unfamiliar with.
  3. I previously took endocrinology, which could be helpful in understanding how some hormones are involved in exercise. I also took molecular genetics, which can also help to explain certain pathways and molecules that are common in physiology. It can also help to understand why some things are hereditary.

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  1. Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed reading it. I can certainly understand that there are many versions of “exercise” since I too never considered myself much of an athlete. I look forward to your continued thoughtful comments this term. Glad you are in the class.

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