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My presentation topic is the affects of hydration of exercise. As we know it is important for you to stay hydrated whether you’re exercising or not. One thing that I was thinking about it how big of a roll does hydration play in outcomes of exercise. The other side of this that I was curious about is different ways to stay hydrated whether it is drinking water or sports drinks. A lot of the time you’ll see people drinking water, but then you watch a game on tv and after a big win they dump a bucket of gatorade on someone’s head. Another thing that interests me about this topic is the concept of salt pills for endurance to prevent dehydration during running or other exercise. It interests me that there are different ways besides just water to keep your body hydrated throughout a workout. I am not entirely sure if I am going to pick one of these topics to research or maybe touch a bit on all of them. Another interest I have relating to this topic is the concept of over hydration. There are times you can hear of over consumption trying to hydrate and that is just interesting to me. I never really thought you could drink too much water when trying to hydrate yourself.


I hope to find how these different ways of hydration affect the body and see if there may be one option that is better than another. I really don’t know if drinking a sports drink or water during, before, or after sports is better for you. I hope to find this out through my research of the topic. I also don’t entirely know how drinking water and other hydration factors affect your body so I hope to find that out too.


This is an interesting topic that people may be interested in because a lot of people work out and are athletes so they may want to know what is better to drink during exercise. Everybody drinks water on a daily basis so this topic can be an interest of everybody’s to learn more about hydration and the role it plays in your body function both during exercise and your daily life. If anybody has any suggestions on the topic or any additional things I should keep in mind while researching let me know!

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  1. Nicole I think this is a really good topic because it seems like something we’ve always heard “drink enough water” but it will be interesting to see why we actually need water and if sports drinks are more beneficial or detrimental. I found this article that says that if you’re dehydrated you can reduce physical performance by up to 30%!! Water is also so important for your overall health, including skin and gut health so it will be interesting to see how this incorporated during exercise.

  2. This is such a relevant topic. You always hear about the need for staying hydrated throughout the day regardless of what you’re doing. It’d be cool to know why professional athletes prefer water over sports drinks and vice versa. Maybe you could also talk about how much water is too much water for the body to handle, and in some cases how it can be fatal.

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