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For every patient interaction an EMT has, we document all the information we collect on a medical form called a “Patient Care Report,” (PCR). A copy of this form is handed off to whomever medical care is transferred to (transporting EMS unit, receiving hospital). We are currently in the process of transitioning from a paper PCR system to a digital PCR system (ePCR). This system will officially be in use starting in January, coinciding with the start of our Winter Term.


Certified Mobile Lab

We are in the process of becoming certified as a mobile lab. This is a huge milestone for our organization and will widen the scope of practice of members by allowing the use of glucometers. This will help us provide a higher level of care to our community as we will now be able to test blood glucose levels of our patients to aid in diabetic emergencies.


EMS Through A Pandemic

Our dedication to serving the Union College Community has not changed in the wake of this pandemic. Our captains are working alongside and consulting Emergency Health Services, Campus Safety, and Wicker Wellness Center to best serve our community during these difficult times. Updated policies and procedures have been distributed to current members and are available upon request. All of our members have been trained on new NYS and Union College specific policies and procedures prior to being classified as an active member; who will partake on any shifts.

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