Megan M. Ferry

Megan M. Ferry’s interdisciplinary scholarly research and publications are broad-ranging, exploring the media and gender studies in modern China, as well as China-Latin America and China-Africa relations. Professor Ferry received her her MA and Phd in Comparative Literature (Chinese and German) at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri, USA) and BA in Asian Studies and German from Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts, USA). She is currently Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Union College (New York, USA).




Recent publication:

“Group Emotion Processing,” NFLRC Online Language Pedagogy series: Engaging Online Language Learners through SEL (Social and Emotional Learning), sponsored by National Foreign Language Resource Center at University of Hawai’i. February 24, 2022. OLP 2022 Lesson 10: Positive Interactions in the Online Language Classroom | TED-Ed

Using Project Based Learning to Bring Sustainability into the Language Classroom and to Re-ignite Student Engagement, in Honing our craft: World language teaching in the U.S. Series co-editors: Florencia Henshaw & Kim Potowski. Chicago, IL: Klett World Languages (2023).

Project-Based Language Learning: Addressing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Issues in Climate Action, in Education for Sustainable Development in Foreign Language Learning: Content-Based Instruction in College-Level Curricula, Maria J. De la Fuente, editor. London: Routledge (2022).

News Update:

Megan Ferry was invited by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Working Languages Group to serve as one of 120 America’s languages fellows because of her expertise in language pedagogy and curricular development. The fellows formation is phase 2 of a project commissioned by a bipartisan group of Congress and outlined in “America’s Languages: Investing in Language Learning for the 21st Century.” The report offers recommendations to improve access to as many languages as possible for people of every age, ethnicity and socioeconomic background. (November, 2020)

Recent publication:

Language as a Pedagogy: Cultural Competency8X8: Leaps of Faith: 8 Stories About Cultivating Complex Thinkers For a Messy World. Union College (April 2019)


Recent publication:

Chinese Women Writers and Modern Print Culture. Amherst, NY: Cambria Press, 2018. 290 pp. ISBN 9781604979381

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Recent publication:

PBLL Climate Change and Me: How Culture Influences My Carbon Footprint

A project-based language learning course designed for Chinese Intermediate learners with intermediate- mid/high to advanced-low proficiency. Learners investigate the human effects of climate change in collaboration with the Union College U-Sustain Committee and Chinese students (college or middle school) in order to compare, analyze and address the cultural differences in approaching actions to combat climate change. Available on Pebbles Project-Based Language Learning Repository, National Foreign Language Research Center (NFLRC), Hawai’i, 2018. (Invited)

Union College students in CHN 301 Advanced Chinese-Climate Change and Me work with Limited English Proficiency students on climate action at a local middle school.

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