The Balance

Consumption and protection forms a kind of balance, which applies to the crucial object to people – water. And, how and in what level should the balance be kept? It is controversial when people face directly to the natural attributes they have. Born with necessary attribute of consuming water, people think to utilize water as many ways as they can: storing water in containers, building metal and wooden materials, putting out the fire…From the perspective of people, the actions can be reasonable, as what a person can react intuitionally when the person owns the need. But, the problems come out when people do not take necessary measures to restrict their usage, as the feedback that nature provides: water crises. It can be a widely-covered contamination of water in Flint, Michigan (Barry-Jester, What Went Wrong In Flint page 15) or a drought in Colorado caused by overuse (Owen, Where the Water Goes, page 2). So people should not only be users, but also protectors of water resource.

Either a policy or a quick fixing of one’s incorrect idea of using water can help people to reach the balance. But it can be true that sometimes a policy cannot work as soon as a mind-adjustment, or certain instructions on local water usage with numbers, because the latter ones are direct and convenient to find solutions. From my perspective, it may be efficient that people focus on figuring out pragmatic methods instead of propagandizing. As what Mulroy claims, “…If the lake goes that low, your water physically can’t get to you…Frame that water right…It’s useless.” (Owen, Where the Water Goes, page 3) It can be interesting when governors call for water advisory, listed with multiple goals but themselves doing the opposite, even if they know the purpose is to trying to reach the water balance. At the same moment, people can figure out the inappropriate actions to water they are doing and then correct them. Also, there are chances for people to go volunteering in local communities for water cleaning or education. Thus, the core point of balance can be: people focus on executing details mentioned in any water policy. And, when the micro actions are interacting with macro policies, people are approaching to the balance.

27 thoughts on “The Balance

  1. Allen, I would like to start by saying that I liked the way you introduced the topic you were going to talk about. Furthermore, I thought you presented your controversial question in a thorough and concise manner. I also agree with your claim that the balance of water consumption and protection depends on executing the details of water policies. However, the problem that I found in your post was that your answer was not as clear and could use some adjustments. Mainly, I had trouble following your reasoning in the quotes you placed in your essay. I believe that you could analyze in further depth the quotes you use and in more specific you should make it clear how they connect back to your main claim.
    I would like to suggest a different perspective for your controversial question that would help add nuance to your answer. In my opinion, I believe that there does not exist an exact balance of how or what level should people consume as well as protect water. Every situation is distinctive and this means that the amount of water necessary is different in every scenario. A city that has a well-functioning water system will not require as much water as one that is going through a water crisis. Water consumption and protection depends mainly on the authority in charge of managing the water supply system. Although, there is not exact balance in how to consume or protect water the authority can play an important role in the sanitation of the water. In the article, What Went Wrong In Flint we learn that emergency managers were responsible for the change in water supply in Flint, Michigan. These emergency managers appointed by the government decided to change the water supply from Detroit to the Flint River (Anna Maria). The water in the Flint River was contaminated with lead. Civilians can only conserve the amount of water they use while the government is able to ensure that they get a sufficient amount and that the water supply is clean. Therefore, to answer your question the balance of consumption and protection depends heavily on the strategy provided by the authority in a state or country. A government can either fail to provide a reasonable amount of sanitized water or succeed in distributing an equal amount of clean water supply. As you mentioned in your post the water policies are essential for this balance. I believe that this is true only if there exists a government or other form of authority that is willing to propose these strategies.

  2. Allen, I agree with your claim that we should not only be users, but protectors of our water source. Water is an essential part of our lives and we use it in so many different ways. However, we do not take necessary measures to preserve water because we have such an abundant amount. For example, people often take long showers, run tap water for a long time and run a hose for a while. We don’t take into appreciation of water because of how easily available it is to us. We are privileged citizens and don’t realize it. According to the Center of Disease and Control Prevention, an estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation, which is more than 35% of the world’s population. Take that into perspective and think of how lucky we are. As Aram stated in his blog post, “I became aware that people, as well as myself, don’t recognize how privileged we are to have such an abundant source of water.” Everyone is blinded by how easy it is to get. We think that our water source is endless when in reality it’s not. When is the time to start caring? We see in the article, “Where The Water Goes” by David Owen, that the Colorado River, once known for its abundance of water, is threatened by, “overuse long-term drought…”. The time to act is now.

    Going off your main claim, we must protect this source that we heavily use or else face the consequences. We saw in some of the water crisis presentations that water crisis’s have major effects on citizens in the community, like Flint Michigan, California and even the small town of Sandbranch Texas. I agree when you say, “Either a policy or a quick fixing of one’s incorrect idea of using water can help people to reach the balance”. Any effort to fix this imbalance of use and protection is a step forward. I like your idea of having people go in and volunteer at local communities to help clean their water and education them about water. Like Aram said, “I believe that if people took 15 minutes out of their day to read about the status about where their supply of water is coming from, people living lavishly during summer would cut back and save this resource for the better.” So maybe educating people will help lower extensive water use. Also just educating them by showing how little water other countries have, will make them more appreciative and conservative about their water use. I know ever since I learned about how privileged I was to have easy access to water, compared to those who lack the basic necessity, I’ve been trying to save water.

  3. Allen, the concept you propose made me think a lot about how in America we can better teach the public to be more efficient with our household water usage. When discussing this it is essential we keep in mind that as we have the freedom to consume such a important resource, we make just as much, if not more, of an effort to protect its supply. Perhaps one method the U.S. government could act on more heavily is teach about efficient water usage in the public school systems across the country. The government could also subsidize efficient technologically-advanced water systems such as dishwashers, sinks, showers, etc. or, they could tax more people who used excess amounts of water more heavily.
    This relates me back to a concept I’ve learned to a Healthcare Economics course here at Union. It is the concept of ex ante vs ex post behavior. It describes how people are more likely to make riskier behaviors if they have insurance at the time of an event and how an event will can change a persons future behaviors. Metaphorically speaking, if people aren’t being taxed heavily on their water usage, they are more likely to take the path of “risky behavior” or in this case waste more water. They are also more likely to make investments to benefit society in the long-run if they are being subsidized.
    I believe that if the U.S. government were to both tax and subsidize water consumers, our water efficiency rates would increase. This is difficult because water is used by everyone in the world on a daily basis and is such a necessity to life. Nevertheless, more efforts must be made to decrease our water usage.

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