Isabelle Ferain holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the KUL (Belgium) Ms. degree in Electrical and Civil Engineering, from Centrale-Supelec (France) and UMons (Belgium), Summa Cum Laude. She started her journey with the semiconductor manufacturing industry in 2001, and joined Globalfoundries Malta, NY six years ago. With Globalfoundries, she has held a number of management roles, in Technology Development and in Thin Films engineering. In 2015, she was chosen to be the CEO’s assistant, under Globalfoundries’s Leadership Executive Assignment Program (‘LEAP’). She is currently leading a team strong of 100 engineers and technicians, who contribute to Malta’s manufacturing site’s competitiveness and productivity.

Dr. Ferain has published more than a hundred peer-reviewed articles, dedicated to the fabrication and characterization of FinFETs and alternative substrates, including 2 highly-cited articles in Nature. She has co-authored 6 books dedicated to FinFETs and wafer bonding. In 2017, she was the recipient of the ’40 under 40′ award for the Capital region, for her leadership roles held with Globalfoundries. Dr. Ferain is actively engaged in mentoring programs, with early-career employees from Globalfoundries and with students from Skidmore College.