WordPress Tutorials & Examples

WordPress allows instructors to set up a private blog for their class to publish responses to assignments, conduct peer review, share media, and links of interest to the class.


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Tutorial Resources:

Adding a Post:

Under “New” in the upper bar, choose “Post.”

Creating Clickable Hyperlinks:

Making links look like this:

Source – Picture 1

Rather than this:


Is easy and simple:

Type out the text you would like to click in order to visit your link:

Highlight the text and click the hyperlink button in the editing toolbar:

Enter the URL you would like the link to lead to and click apply:

If you need to edit the link or remove it, click on the link and use the two buttons to the right of the URL preview:

Editing your Profile:

Click on your name in the upper bar then choose “Edit My Profile.” From here you can change your profile picture as well as change your “Display Name” to something different.


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