Mini-Term Program in Senegal

Image: flag of Senegal






The Senegal mini-term is a cultural and academic experience with internship opportunities tailored for students’ majors or personal interests. Health care facilities (clinics and hospitals), schools (private and public), NGOs, artists, women’s organizations, and orphanages are places students have interned in pervious mini-terms in Senegal. Internships are provided according to student’s needs and requests. An intro class to Wolof language (the lingua franca in Senegal), a series of Lectures on topics related to Health Care, Education, Arts, History, Political Science, and Religion in Senegal and across Africa are offered to students as well. Students stay with local host families, two per family, and the Program offers a series of excursions: tour of Dakar, visit to Goree Island (slave house art galleries), The Museum of Black Civilizations, the Rennaissance Monument, Lac Rose (Pink Lake, Touba (holy city), Tene-toubab (Professor Ndiaye’s village, a typical African village), Bandia (wildlife parc), Sobobade (an artistic village-hotal with dance and art workshop), Tapisserie de Tiies (tapestry Theis town).

Some of the sites we’ll visit during our excursions:

See the video from the 2013 UNION COLLEGE MINI-TERM IN SENEGAL: