Health while Traveling

  • Malaria. There ae three options for malaria prophylaxis, and of the three, Malarone is the best choice (cheap).
  • Yellow Fever injection. Ask about *Hepatits A. (Yellow Fever is administered at Ellis Hospital)
  • Meningitis vaccine: Check the date of your immunization.
  • Diarrhea: avoid all uncooked vegetables and fruits (unless you can peel them: bananas, oranges, mangos: but wash them first). Avoid buffets where flies have access to the food too. No ice cubes. Always drink bottled water (brush teeth w. also). To stop the infection when you have diarrhea: bring a quinolone antibiotic or CIPRO. To stop the Diarrhea bring Loperamide (“Immodium”). Useful to stop gas pain: bring Charcoal tablets.
  • Mosquito repellent: must have DEET (30%) or PICARDIN (20%) to be effective.