Weekly Journal

Daily entry that would best reflect student’s observation, understanding, and impressions of Senegal; this short journal can include experiences with host family, WARC (host institution), your internship, the excursions, and any social interaction outside the program; it should be both descriptive and fairly analytical (reflecting on the challenges, excitements, and the treasures associated with your own experience of the mini-term).


Each student hands in a scrapbook with a descriptive text that illustrates each of the selected pictures taken while on the mini-term. The scrapbook project should have at least 15 PICTURES.

Final Project (handed in no later than 2 weeks after the mini-term ends on Dec 21st)

Sustained thoughtful essay (6 pages long at least): student picks a topic of her/his interest (religion, women issues, health care, family, education, arts, music, economics, social structures, French colonial impact, etc.), research on the topic (using critical essays, media, interviews, surveys, etc. ), uses daily journal entries, and writes an in-depth analytical paper; student
should show his/her efforts to discuss and tie topic to the complexity of Senegalese society. Essay journal will be evaluated based on the content, the level of analysis of the subject and its presentation (form including clarity and coherence).

Grade Scale

Grade Participation (attendance, active participation in mini-term activities): 20% Daily journal entry 25%
Scrapbook project or power point 20%
Final Project 35%