Prof. Maleki Wins Chili Cook-Off

Prof. Seyffie Maeki’s vegitarian chili was the winner of the first annual Physics and Astronomy Chili Cook-Off on Feb 14th. He narrowly edged out Prof. LaBrake’s spicy venison chili, in voting by students attending the departmental pot-luck luncheon.

Allegations of ballot-box stuffing by students in Prof. Maleki’s class were unconfirmed as of press time.

The next departmental pot-luck luncheon will be a St. Patrick’s Day/ Easter luncheon on March 11th, at noon in the departmental office. All are welcome.

Surman Paper Published in Physical Review C, Featured in Physical Review Focus

A paper by a team of researchers including Union Prof. Rebecca Surman has been featured in the March 20th, 2008 issue of Physical Review Focus. The paper, “Fission Cycling in a Supernova r Process” by J. Beun, G. C. McLaughlin, R. Surman, and W. R. Hix appeared in the March 2008 issue of Physical Review C, one of the top journals in physics. It presents new calculations of the formation of heavy elements in supernovae, and is described as “one of the most complete [models] to date.”

Physical Review Focus is an online journal produced by the American Physical Society highlighting approximately one paper per week from the Physical Review journals, and presenting an explanation suitable for students in all fields of physics.