Professors Vineyard, LaBrake, and their Students Present Paper at Accelerators in Research and Industry Conference

Professor Vineyard, the Frank and Marie Louise Bailey Professor of Physics, presented an invited paper, “Characterization of Atmospheric Aerosols in the Adirondack Mountains Using PIXE, SEM/EDX, and Micro-Raman Spectroscopies,” at the 23rd Conference on Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry in San Antonio, TX, in May. Scott LaBrake, Senior Lecturer and Accelerator Manager, and five undergraduate students were co-authors on the paper.

Prof. Orzel speaks at Space Center Houston

Prof. Orzel gave two talks as part of Physics Day at Space Center Houston last week. The Space Center is the museum and education center associated with NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which has been Mission Control for human space missions since the 1960s. The presentations, to school groups from the Houston area and the museum-going public, explained the science behind and connections between space travel, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Earthbound navigation using the Global Positioning system.