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For my project I am going to look at the effects and uses of CBD on athletic performance. CBD, or cannabidiol is a chemical found in cannabis that has been found to reduce pain and anxiety, which is why is has recently surged as a hot topic for professional athletes. Taken as either oil, candy, pills, or other forms, this compound does not produce a high that people associate with marijuana (that’s due to THC). People who undergo rigorous physical training have started using CBD as a non-toxic, non-addictive, natural supplement in order to reduce muscle inflammation and chronic pain. Now researchers are looking into CBD as a possible option for more medically related conditions such as auto immune disorders, neurological conditions, psychiatric illnesses, and more. One article I have read shows that CBD reduces inflammation in rat models of arthritis. This compound works by releasing the neurotransmitter anandamide, the chemical responsible for “runner’s high”. There is lots of controversy in different professional sports organizations whether CBD should be legalized or not. CBD could potentially prevent neuron cell death during a concussion so some players in the NFL believe that it should be legalized. Especially because the compound does not have harmful side effects, it’s becoming more apparent on the market as a positive supplement. I think this topic will be interesting for the class because CBD can be used for so many different conditions not only related to muscle soreness. It’s uses are growing through the research being conducted and I think the class will enjoy learning about how the compound works, how it can be used, and the future market for it as a pain reliever and illness remedy.

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  1. Wow this is a very cool topic! Very different! I did not know this was a current area of research in sports. I think it is cool you picked a topic that is so new.

    I would be curious to learn about all the different trails currently taking place. I personally get such bad anxiety when running. Even when we had that fitness test for lab I was so nervous! Aside from the effects on the neuron or muscle soreness, I predict CBD use correlates to better performance because it makes athletes less anxious.

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