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My presentation topic is about ACL tears in men vs women. This injury is so common and devastating to an athlete’s career, it can take them out for a whole year and they may never fully recover. My team alone we had 2 ACL tears last year, and have a total of 5 girls who have had the surgery. I want to find out why this occurs so frequently, and if it occurs in males more than females and if there’s a reason why. I can name more girls than guys who have torn them, but I don’t know whether that’s because of the sport they play or because of their gender. People should be interested because it’s an injury anyone can get, not just athletes and can be devastating to recover from. If there’s ways to prevent this from happening, people should want to know about it. Sorry im a slacker and haven’t done research yet on my topic so I haven’t discovered anything yet.

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  1. I know so many people who have torn their ACL doing simple things! My friend tore it here at Union playing flag football (how annoying)! Another one of my friends got the surgery and did not wait long enough to recover. He then re-tore it and had to go through the surgery again! I would be curious to learn what doctors recommend as the best way to prevent this. I would also be curious to learn if there have been any surgical trials for preventative surgery that professional athletes can choose to have.

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