Corpora Trans Limina

May 26th – September 30th, 2021

Marisol, Untitled (No. 5) (from untitled suite of 6 lithographs), 1978, ed. 28/100, six-color lithograph, 52 x 38 inches, Union College Permanent Collection © 2021 Estate of Marisol / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Curated by Hannah Bosworth (‘21), Mitchell Famulare (‘21), Marie Lindsey (‘21), and Alex Trousilek (‘21)

Derived from the Latin phrase “Bodies across thresholds,” Corpora Trans Limina seeks to explore the varied ways in which the corporeal form is utilized to express agency or, alternatively, to reveal a lack of agency by examining interactions between intricate figures within a menagerie of voids. If we think of the body as a canvas upon which societal expectations, normalcies, and biases can be applied, the body comes to cross thresholds of societal, political, and emotive existence. We attempt to look at the body through representations of its basic form and intersections of race and gender.

Artists in the exhibition include Sigmund Abeles, Katrina Andry, Greta Bieg (Class of 2015), Rose Dumbrigue (Class of 2016), Robert Graham, Marisol (Maria Sol Escobar), Alfred Nadel (Class of 1956), Toyin Ojih Odutola, Renée Stout and Joel-Peter Witkin. Student work provided by: Lilith Haig ‘21, Tina Tully ‘21, and Victoria Donatacci ‘23.

This exhibition is the culmination of the new curatorial practicum, “The GLAMorous Life” (GLAM stands for Galleries, Libraries, and Art Museums) taught by Julie Lohnes, the current Director & Curator of Art Collections & Exhibitions at Union College. This three-term practicum features a sequence of courses that enables students to learn about production, curatorial concepts, and management skills needed to create a successful exhibition and steward an art collection. Over the past academic year, students have met with curators, artists, and museum professionals whilst researching the art and artists in this show.

The works exhibited in Corpora Trans Limina are to be used for educational purposes only.

We are very grateful to all of the artists for allowing their work to be exhibited in Corpora Trans Limina. Special thanks to Union College Special Collections & Archives, Professor David Ogawa, Professor Lorraine Cox, Professor Jenelle Troxell, and Jennifer Fredricks: Dean of Academic Departments & Programs, for their assistance and support of this exhibition. Thanks to artist Katrina Andry for her involvement in the exhibition and for organizing a lecture on her work. Special thanks to all of the GLAM guest speakers for their insight and for sharing their experiences.

Funding is generously provided by the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program through the Katharine Van Meter Sadock Women in the Arts Endowment, the Mandeville Gallery, and the Visual Arts Department.

For more information and artworks, please visit the Corpora Trans Limina Instagram page.


“The Corpora Trans Limina exhibition was wonderful and breathtaking! It made me reconsider my privilege and look at art in a different way. This experience also made me appreciate the hard work of my peers in their organization of the pieces, but also in their ability to challenge society’s way of thinking about the body.”  – Student, Class of 2023, Sociology, Spanish and Hispanic Studies major

“…A topic that is heavily explored in this exhibition is that of the human body and this truly resonated with me. The inclusivity and diversity of the stories and subjects depicted in the works of art, emphasize the ways in which the body can be seen and explored from various perspectives. As the exhibition description says, it is fascinating to, “think of the body as a canvas upon which societal expectations, normalcies, and biases can be applied.” We are all born as blank slates and many factors including culture, aid in shaping us into individuals with biases, stereotypes, and other beliefs that make us view ourselves and others in negative ways. Through the lens of the body, the audience is able to reflect upon their own experiences and spend time dissecting the different narratives and layers included in each artwork. If you can, I strongly recommend taking the time to visit the exhibition which is on display through Fall 2021.”   –  Student, Class of 2022, Chinese major

“The exhibition’s overall goal is to examine the interactions between intricate figures within spaces and the various ways in which the physical form has been and continues to be used as a way to express control as well as powerlessness….The pieces all include bodies of people and each artist incorporates their own artistic takes to visually show the ways in which humans interact within their environment….This exhibition is a reminder that real life and the people who are able to live it are nuanced. Every complexity that arises from happy and brutal times all affect people differently and “Corpora Trans Liminia” explores how humans deal with these circumstances.  – Student, Class of 2023, Biology major

“It is clear to see the hard work this team put in for the exhibition! I’m grateful I had the opportunity to see an exhibition in Wold in my final weeks at Union College. It brought lots of conversations among my team members in my Business of Visual Arts class. Congrats to everyone who made it possible!”  – Student, Class of 2021, Managerial Economics major

“The exhibition was very interesting, the art presented gave a different insight into issues present within the US and the world.”  – Student, Class of 2022, Visual Arts major

“It definitely made me think more critically about readings/themes we have discussed in class.”  – Student, Class of 2023, Biology major


Virtual Event: In Conversation with Katrina Andry

Friday, May 28, 2021

5:00 – 6:00 PM

Event Recording, 59:12 minutes

Installation Images

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