Outside-in: A Whimsical Exploration of Containment

Apr 12, 2012

outsidein_716x600_916x768As a potter, I focus on function. When challenged to produce a purely aesthetic piece, I turned to what I knew and created a sculpture inspired by function, though paradoxically nonfunctional. I began exploring the concept further, pairing activities and vessels to create a series of small contained scenes, fun little inversions of everyday activities. I start with a container, usually forming it on the wheel or with slabs and adding detail with hand building, carving, or under glazes. Then I shape the figure in an attitude I feel best portrays the functional use of her environment. Little details and changes occur to me as I work, and the finished piece is often a surprise to me. Art should imitate life in a way that reminds us of life’s beauty, which is often overlooked because of its ubiquity. I hope these pieces will tickle your psyche and remind you of the fun in your daily routines.

– Johannah Ryan, class of 2012

Artist Reception

Friday, April 13,2012

4 – 5:30 PM

Nott Memorial