Posted on Nov 8, 1996

Donald S. Feigenbaum, who with his brother, Armand, founded General Systems Company, the Pittsfield-based international systems engineering firm, was awarded an honorary doctor of science degree on the occasion of his 50th ReUnion year.

The honor was conferred by President Roger Hull at the end of an afternoon of events on Oct. 25 honoring both Feigenbaum brothers. The College rededicated the administration
building as the Armand V. and Donald S. Feigenbaum Hall. Earlier, the College inaugurated the Feigenbaum Forum in which academicians discussed characteristics of a new generation
of leaders and how better to integrate liberal arts and other studies.

Donald Feigenbaum, an acknowledged world leader in systems management and systems
engineering, is chief operating officer and executive vice president of General Systems.

Armand Feigenbaum received an honorary doctorate from the College during his 50th
ReUnion four years ago.