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IBM day features alumni in talk on converging technology

Posted on Feb 28, 2002

The College is hosting IBM Day at Union, a conference
on Converging Technologies, on Friday, March 8, at 10 a.m. in
the Nott Memorial.

The centerpiece event will be a panel discussion featuring
three alumni – John Kelly III '76, Steven Mills '73 and Robert Moffat Jr.
'78 – who are senior executives at IBM.

The guests also will meet with faculty and students.

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Janet Anderson and David Ott ’01 co-author paper

Posted on Feb 22, 2002

Janet S. Anderson, professor of chemistry, and

David Ott '01, an MBA student at Union, and colleagues from the

Wadsworth Center (New York State Department of Health) and

Rutgers University have published a paper, “Engineered Improvements

in DNA-binding Function of the MAT a1 Homeodomain

Reveal Structural Changes Involved in Combinatorial Control,” in

a recent issue of the Journal of Molecular Biology.

Co-authors were Beverly Hart, Jonathan R. Mathias, Lynn

McNaughton, Andrew K. Vershon and Susan M. Baxter.

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Don Arnold, Presha Neidermeyer and Josef Schmee co-author paper

Posted on Feb 22, 2002

Don Arnold, professor of the Graduate Management

Institute, Presha Neidermeyer, assistant professor, and

Josef Schmee, Kenneth B. Sharpe Professor,

have co-authored a paper (with Richard Bernardi of

Roger Williams University) titled “Underreporting of Audit

Time and Premature Sign-off in Western Europe” at a

recent conference of the American Accounting Association.

Also, Arnold, Neidermeyer and Bernardi are authors of

“The Association Between European Materiality Estimates and

Client Integrity, National Culture, and Litigation” to be published in

the International Journal of Accounting.

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Charlotte Borst speaks at Johns Hopkins

Posted on Feb 22, 2002

Charlotte Borst, dean of arts and sciences, spoke recently

at Johns Hopkins University's Department of the History

of Science, Medicine, and Technology. Her paper was titled

“Poor, Pregnant, and Black in Bull Conner's Birmingham:

The Politics of Indigent Care and Academic Medicine in

Birmingham, Alabama, 1950-1964.” This paper, submitted for

publication in the Journal of Southern

History, is part of the research for her book,

Making the Student Body: Gender and Race and Admission

to Medical School in America, 1920-70.

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Martha Huggins in the Netherlands and Brazil

Posted on Feb 22, 2002

Martha K. Huggins, Roger Thayer Stone Professor of Sociology, was a research scholar last spring at the Netherlands School of Human Rights Research in Utrecht, where she drafted briefs and research proposals for monitoring police human rights abuses. As part of her work at the institute, she delivered several lectures at Utrecht University and at the Institute for Human Rights in the Hague. Huggins also appeared last fall in two Brazilian television programs. She was a panelist on Rio De Janeiro's Multirio program about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. She was also featured in a 30-minute segment on Glôbo Television's “Milênia” program, an interview about her 1998 book, Political Policing: The United States and Latin America. The same book was in a November article on the CIA in Brazil's national newspaper, Jornal de Brasil.

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