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For the Record

Posted on May 29, 1998

David Gerhan, head of public services and reference in Schaffer
Library, has been cited for the “Best Bibliography in History” by the American
Library Association's Reference and User Services Association for his Bibliography
of American Demographic History, the Literature from 1984 to 1994.
Gerhan and Robert
V. Wells, Chauncey Winters Professor of History and Social Sciences, won the same award
previously for a predecessor volume.

Gail Golderman, electronic media librarian, received the 1997
“Professional Achievement” award from the New York Library Association's
Section on Management of Information Resources and Technology for her work in developing
the NYLA Web site. Also, with Bruce Connolly, reference librarian, she received the
1997 Multicultural Award from the Ethnic Services Round Table for providing access to
information to further the cause of multicultural education. They were recognized for the
Multicultural Resources Web site they developed.

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AAC Minutes Listed

Posted on May 29, 1998

May 6, 1998

1. The minutes of May 1, 1998 were revised and approved.

2. The Psychology Department is still discussing the report of the
external reviewers. Linda Stanhope reported that the decisions on curricular change will
not be completed in time to report this spring.

3. Seth Greenberg suggested that the AAC discuss the possibility of
awarding pass/fail in the major research experiences.

4. The members discussed a memo for the faculty on the calendar. Linda
Cool will review the memo with the President.

May 13, 1998

1. The minutes of May 6, 1998 were approved.

2. Seth Greenberg introduced a proposal to assign non-class academic
experiences, e.g. independent studies, internships, and practica, a pass/fail grade in a
student's major area. Various concerns were expressed including whether the grading
of P/F courses should change to satisfactory, unsatisfactory, fail in order to accommodate
a “barely pass,” whether such a change would discourage students from
undertaking some non-class academic experiences, and whether the quality of the experience
would be harmed (for example, would students take the care they currently do with the
papers that are assigned to accompany some internships?). Brad Lewis suggested that
departments be authorized to approve the granting of credit for these experiences rather
than the AAC making a general policy for all departments. Discussion will continue.

It was noticed that, contrary to college policy as stated in the
register, final grade sheets sent to professors now indicate when a student is taking a
course pass/fail. Dean Lewis will seek to rectify this situation.

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Employees Cited For Service

Posted on May 29, 1998

The College has recognized five retirees and 61 employees for their
years of service.

Retiring this year are Theodore Bick, mathematics; Joseph Board,
political science; Harrison Overocker, campus operations; Ann Horan, dining services; and
Adelaide Annunziata, campus safety.

Honored for 25 years of service:

Thomas Dowling, Leslie Hull, James Kenney, Lucille Paludi, Charles
Scaife, George Schiller and Ruth Stevenson.

For 20 years:

Cynthia Bouck, Livia Carroll, Bruce Connolly, James McCord, Diane
Meyers, Rudy Nydegger, Kathryn Quinn and Dwight Wolf.

For 15 years:

Donald Arnold, Kent Brust, Frank Campanella, Joseph Casino, Donna
Davenport, Angelina Fiorillo, Adrian Frazier, Joanne Herrick, George McMillan, Gary
Reynolds, Steven Sargent, Jaclyn Smith, Marianne Snowden, Christina Sorum, Joanne
Tobiessen, Mark Toher and Patricia Tuccillo.

For 10 years:

Betty Allen, Michael Brown, Joanne Christensen, Linda Clayton, Ernest
Conti, Ann Facenda, Michael Frame, Daniel Gibson, Christopher Hayen, Thomas Heisinger,
Elias Majlaton, Judy Manchester, Sandra Marshall, Kathleen McCann, Therese McCarty,
Sharron McCullough, Teresa Meade, John Miller, Marianne Moore, Filomena Piccirillo,
Timothy Porter, Anna Riccio, Stephen Romanski, Bruce Senn, John Skumurski, William Sparre,
Renae St. Louis, Barbara Tricozzi and Mark Walker.

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Faculty Approve Degrees, Set Vote

Posted on May 29, 1998

The faculty on Wednesday approved the awarding of degrees to 619
students at Commencement on June 14. A total of 499 bachelor's, 117 master's and
four doctorates are to be awarded.

Faculty are to vote by mail ballot on the following positions:

— Secretary of the Faculty: Cliff Brown;

— AAC at-large (two positions): Hilary Tann, Ibon Izurieta, Barbara
Danowski, Andy Feffer;

— Faculty Review Board (one position): Dave Hannay, Kimmo Rosenthal

— Faculty Appeals Committee: Bob Baker;

— Faculty Appeals Alternate: Mark Toher;

— Trustees, Center 1: Anton Warde.

Faculty also heard that 563 students have reserved for the freshman
class, compared to 541 at this point last year, said Kris Gernert-Dott, associate dean of
admissions. The target is 525, but the final is expected to be around 540, she said.

Among the attributes:

— there are 37 Union scholars, compared to 31 last year;

— the class has the largest percentage of minorities; 14 percent
have identified themselves as “non-Caucasian;”

— 39 percent have said they are interested in science, 13 percent
in engineering. The rest are interested in humanities, social sciences or are undeclared;

— average SAT is 1235;

— 48 percent are female;

— 28 percent come from private schools;

Finally, faculty are to hold a reception and dinner for retiring
colleagues Theodore Bick, mathematics; and Joseph Board, political science, on June 11
starting at 6 p.m. in Reamer Campus Center.

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Name and Mission Change for PR

Posted on May 29, 1998

The Office of Public Relations has been re-named the Office of
Communications and will serve, in effect, as the College's media, design, production,
and communications agency, it was announced by Dan Lundquist, vice president for
admissions and financial aid.

“We are excited by these developments and expect to see a new level
of on-campus activity and public awareness of the many facets of the College,”
Lundquist said.

The change comes after months of discussion and consultation to
“re-engineer” Union's communications and public relations and broaden the
scope of its function, he said.

Designed as a collaborative operation — functioning in some ways
similar to academic departments — staff will have primary and shared areas of
responsibility. Peter Blankman will be in charge of publications, design, and
administrative operations; Bill Schwarz joins the staff to take the lead in media
relations, helping develop and place Union stories. Schwarz, of Averill Park, has
extensive experience in public relations as an account executive with an Albany firm. Most
recently, he was director of development and public relations for Schenectady County ARC.

Charlie Casey remains in charge of the News Bureau and on-campus print
communications; George Cuttita retains his role as director of sports information; Katie
Pasco continues as publications editor; Saul Morse is Webmaster, overseeing the Web,
Internet, and CD-ROM media; and Deb Ludke is publications assistant and alumni news

A “User's Guide” to the Office of Communications is in
production and will be available this summer.

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