Posted on Jan 24, 1997

Seyfollah Maleki, associate professor of physics, is a co-author of a paper
titled “Direct measurement of the ground-state dissociation energy of Na2” in an
August 1996 bulletin of the American Physical Society.

J. Richard Shanebrook, professor of mechanical engineering, and Lee Johnson
Jr. '94
are co-authors of the article, “Anastomotic Vortex Generator,” which
appeared in a recent issue of Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing. The
paper addresses the problem of bypass graft failure in patients who undergo vascular
reconstruction with synthetic grafts. Typical graft failures occur with coronary artery
bypass, leg arterial bypass, and hemodialysis shunts. One important aspect of the problem
is blood clots that form where the flow of blood stagnates. The paper presents flow
visualization results with a new cardiovascular device that induces a vortex motion in
order to prevent blood clot formation.

Leslie A. Hull, professor of chemistry, has published a paper titled
“Stabilization of Helical Peptides by Mixed Spaced Salt Bridges” with co-authors
J.S. Berger, J.A. Ernst, A. Nicoletta, R. Qiu, J. Yang, V. Morozov and N.R. Kallenbach in
the December issue of the Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. Three of
the co-authors — Berger, Ernst and Nicoletta — were undergraduates at Union who did
their research with Prof. Hull. An abstract of the paper is available at http://www.

Brenda Wineapple, Washington Irving Professor of Literary and Historical
Studies, wrote a review of The Letters of Gertrude Stein and Thornton Wilder edited
by Edward Burns and Ulla E. Dydo with William Rice in the Jan. 12 issue of The New York
Times Book Review
. Wineapple last year published her dual biography, Sister Brother
Gertrude and Leo Stein.

Jon Sterngass, visiting assistant professor of history, recently published
“'Something That Makes Me Feel at Home:' Marianne Moore and Brooklyn,” in the
Fall 1996 issue of the Long Island Historical Journal.

Peter Heinegg, professor of English, has published a translation (from German)
of Wilhelm Egger's How to Read the New Testament: An Introduction to Linguistic and
Historical-Critical Methodology.
The translation is published by Hendrickson
Publishers. Also, Crossroad has published Heinegg's translation of Dietrich Bonhoffer's The
Mystery of Holy Night,
an anthology on Christmas taken from the poems, sermons, and
letters of Bonhoffer.

Therese McCarty, associate professor of economics, and Stephen Schmidt,
assistant professor of economics, recently presented a paper, “A Vector
Autoregression of State Government Expenditure,” at the annual conference of the
American Economic Association. The paper is to be published in the May 1997 issue of the
American Economic Review.

Donna Burton, government documents librarian, has published reviews of two
documents reference tools in recent issues of Journal of Government Information.
Her evaluation of 1995 Updates/2000 Forecasts Edition Demographic Sourcebooks on
what she calls “an expensive and relatively uninspired attempt to
mimic the print version of the product,” appears in the July/August issue. A Guide
to Information at the United Nations
from the U.N. Department of Public Information,
which Burton determined would serve as a handy resource for those seeking information from
U.N. sources, was reviewed in the May/June issue of JGI.