Posted on Mar 7, 1997

Thanks to Dr. Spock, parents today know all about potty training and cutting teeth.

But no book tells parents how to prepare emotionally for the college search and the letting go of children.

Sure, Money magazine tells parents how to save for college, but nobody is talking about what Dean of Admissions Dan Lundquist calls the “heart quotient.”

So perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that a simple, free brochure titled “A Parents' Guide to the College Search” is becoming something of a hit. More than
50,000 copies — what was thought to be a two-year supply — have been requested in less
than three weeks. Half of the 2,000 high school guidance counselors who received an
initial mailing have requested additional copies. A second printing is under way. Requests
have come from a number of top schools including the Collegiate School of New York City,
and Anselm's Abbey School and Meret School, both in Washington. Brochures are sent free to
all who request them.

Written by Lundquist and Peter Blankman, director of public relations, the brochure
offers a reassuring message to parents: “The college search process ought to be a
positive, educational experience in itself, not just something to be 'survived.' At this
point — the bridge between high school and college, adolescence and young adulthood —
students have a remarkable range of options in front of them, and it's a shame when the
excitement of this situation becomes anxiety.”

Copies of the brochure are available at the Office of Admissions.