Posted on Apr 18, 1997

Seniors Jesse Karotkin and Joseph Quini have won fellowships to teach English next year at Capital Normal University in Beijing.

They were selected to participate in a new program run by the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia that allows graduating students of ASIANetwork member institutions – including Union – to teach English at colleges
and universities in the Peoples Republic of China. The program is funded by a grant from
the Freeman Foundation.

Karotkin and Quini will participate in a summer orientation program,
which is funded by the Amnity Foundation, before teaching for the 1997-1998 academic year
at Capital Normal University, which was their top choice to serve the fellowship.

Both attribute their desire to teach in China to their term abroad spent
at Nanjing Normal University. Quini says he hopes the next year after his fellowship
teaching in China.

“I feel very proud and excited to see two such capable and
well-prepared young people setting off on a life's path that's very familiar to
most of us in the Asia field,” said Prof. Bruce Reynolds, their advisor.