Posted on Sep 26, 1997

Ad hoc tenure committees have been formed to review the tenurability of eight professors: Ann Anderson, mechanical engineering; Mary K. Carroll, chemistry; Barbara Danowski, biology; Hugh Jenkins, English; Brenda Johnson, mathematics; James McWhirter, physics; Anthony Rubonis, psychology; and Scott Scullion, classics.

Members of the Union community are invited to submit written comments on
their teaching, service or scholarship to the appropriate committee chairs.

For Prof. Anderson, comments may be sent to Sharon Gmelch,
anthropology, chair (ext. 6715, Others are Kurt Hollocher,
geology; John Spinelli, electrical engineering; and Richard Wilk, mechanical engineering.

For Prof. Carroll, to Ruth Stevenson, English, chair (ext. 6206, Others are John Boyer, biology; Frank Milillo, mechanical
engineering; and Charles Scaife, chemistry.

For Prof. Danowski, to Kenneth DeBono, psychology, committee
chair (ext. 6542, Others are Barbara Boyer, biology; Sigrid
Kellenter, modern languages; and David Hemmendinger, electrical engineering/computer

For Prof. Jenkins, to Alan Taylor, mathematics, committee chair
(ext. 6197, Others are Peter Heinegg, English; Victoria Martinez,
modern languages; and Alan Bowman, Graduate Management Institute.

For Prof. Johnson, to J. Richard Shanebrook, mechanical
engineering, committee chair (ext. 6266, Other members are Julius
B. Barbanel, mathematics; Daniel J. Burns, psychology; and Bonney MacDonald, English.

For Prof. McWhirter, to Peter Tobiessen, biology, committee chair
(ext. 6028, Others are Kenneth Schick, physics; Ekram Hassib,
electrical engineering/computer science; and Jan Ludwig, philosophy.

For Prof. Rubonis, to Donald Arnold, GMI, committee chair (ext.
6302). Others are Seyfollah Maleki, physics; Mario Rivera, mechanical engineering; and
Suzanne Benack, psychology.

For Prof. Scullion, to James Underwood, political science,
committee chair (ext. 6225, Other members are Mark Toher,
classics; William Garcia, modern languages; and John Garver, geology.