Posted on Oct 24, 1997

Robert Olberg, professor of biology, recently gave a plenary
lecture titled “Insect Solutions to a Visual Problem: Detection and Interception of
Moving Objects” at the fifth International Conference on Invertebrate Neurochemistry
and Neurophysiology (ICINN) in Eilat, Israel.

Charlotte Eyerman, assistant professor of Art History, has
published an essay “Drawing on the Grand Tradition: Lithographers in Baron Gros'
Studio, 1816-1835” (translated into German) in the book, Bilder der Macht, Macht
der Bilder: Zeitgeschichte in Darstellungen des 19 Jahrhunderts
, edited by S. Germer
and M. Zimmermann, Munich, 1997.

Dianne M. McMullen, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Assistant
Professor of Music History for 1997-98, was a guest scholar last summer at the Herzog
August Bibliothek in Wolfenbettel, Germany, where she continued research on Renaissance
dance songs. In addition, she performed solo organ concerts at four churches with
important tracker instruments: the Hauptkirche Beatae Mariae Virginis in Wolfenbettel, St.
Martin Kirche in Guttingen,the Dreifaltigkeitskirche in Berlin, and the Dom zum Heiligen
Kreuz in Nordhausen.

Margaret Wadehra, director of the Languages and Writing Center,
gave a presentation recently at the National Writing Centers Association Conference.
Wadehra, Bruce Pegg from Colgate, and Barbara Brady from Clarkson, spoke on
“Energizing Ourselves: Organizing a Consortium of Regional Writing Centers.”
Wadehra has been active in the Upstate New York Writing Centers Consortium since its
formation in 1994. UNYWCC's annual conference is at Union Nov. 9.

George Butterstein, Florence B. Sherwood Professor of Life
Sciences, has published a paper, “Prolonged inhibition of normal ovarian cycles in
the rat and cynomologous monkeys following a single subcutaneous injection of
Danazol” in the journal Human Reproduction. Danazol is a drug taken by women
for treatment of endometriosis, or growth of uterine cells outside the uterus. Co-authors
are David Mann and Kenneth Gould of the Yerkes Primate Center, Emory University; and V.
Daniel Castracane of Texas Tech Health Services, Amarillo. Union students Amy Damarjion,
Marijo Madonia, Gina Prokosch, Beth Taylor and Sarah Wilcox contributed to the research.

John Garver, associate professor of geology, has been elected a
fellow of the Geological Society of America. Garver is a co-author of an article
“Geology and mineral occurrences of the Taseko-Bridge River area” which appeared
in British Columbia Geological Survey. Five co-authors, headed by Paul Schiarizza,
spent from 1985 to 1993 studying this economically important area. Mines in the area were
staked during the BC Gold Rush of 1896. Since then, the area has been among the top
producers of gold in Canada; the government has established regional mapping projects to
spur further mineral development. Garver also is author of a paper, “Geologic tests
of hypotheses for large coastwise displacements – a critique illustrated by the Baja
BC Columbia controversy” in American Journal of Science. The debate, which
focuses on whether very large pieces of North American crust have slid along the
continental margin or formed in essentially the same place, has been a “hot
topic” in the scientific community, being featured recently in Science and Science

Bruce Connolly, Gail Golderman, Annette LeClair and Jean Sheviak
of Schaffer Library are designers of the Schaffer Library Web page that Library Hi Tech
named one of the “Best Library Related Sites.” Connolly, reference librarian;
and Golderman, electronic media librarian, have written an article about the site for the
periodical. Golderman has primary responsibility for maintenance and development of the

Timothy Olsen, visiting assistant professor of music, and Hilary
professor of music, have both received ASCAP awards this year. The American
Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers are given to assist and encourage writers of
serious music. An independent panel determines awards based on the writer's catalog
of original compositions as well as recent performances.

Sheridan Biggs, executive in residence in GMI, has been elected a
trustee of the Church Pension Group, which provides retirement and other insurance
services related to the Episcopal Church throughout the U.S.

Donald Rodbell, assistant professor of geology, is co-author of a
paper (with Forman, S.L., Pierson, J., and Lynn, W. C.) titled “The stratigraphy and
chronology of Mississippi Valley loess in western Tennessee” in the September issue
of Geological Society of America Bulletin (v. 109, p. 1134-1148). Also, he was one
of 10 panelists to decide on funding of research proposals to the National Earthquake
Hazard Reduction Program (U.S. Geologic Survey and NSF) in Seattle Wash., in June.

Mary Carroll, assistant professor of chemistry, and Tom
Florence B. Sherwood Professor of Physical Sciences, published an article,
“The Evolution of a Lab Syllabus in Quantitative Analysis” in The Chemical
an electronic journal published by Springer.