Posted on Apr 24, 1998

Rebecca Fisher, language lab coordinator, gave a talk on
“Providing Technical Support For Faculty Using Digital Non-Roman Text” at the
Northeast Association of Language Learning Technology (NEALL) conference at Skidmore
College recently.

J. Richard Shanebrook, professor of mechanical engineering; Charles
Howarth '96;
and John DeMarco '94 are co-authors of a paper,
“Vortex Blood Pump,” in the 1998 volume, Heart Replacement – Artificial
published by Springer-Verlag, Tokyo. Presented as a new type of blood pump
suitable for an artificial heart or ventricular assist device, it utilizes a strong vortex
motion to prevent the formation of blood clots within the cylindrical pumping chamber.
Currently, blood clot formation is one of the most destructive complications for patients
who rely on artificial pumping devices.

James C. Adrian, Jr., assistant professor of chemistry, has just
published a paper in the journal Tetrahedron (Vol. 54, 1998) titled “A New
Approach to Symmetric 2,2':6',2 'Terpyridines.'” Co-authors include Lamyaa
Hassib '98
and Prof. N. De Kimpe and Dr. M. Keppens, both of the Univ. of Gent,
Belgium. The paper presents a novel four-step process for the preparation of symmetric
terpyridines. This new process affords these otherwise difficult-to- obtain molecules in
high yields and excellent purities.

John Sowa, professor of chemistry, has been named to the Sales
Tax Committee for the Town of Glenville.

Charles Steckler, professor of theater, recently presented a
portfolio of his design work to the students and faculty in the conservatory program in
stage design at the Korean National University of the Arts, School of Drama in Seoul,
Korea. Speaking through an interpreter, Steckler discussed the role of the designer in the
production process from concept to implementation.

Kenneth DeBono, Gilbert R. Livingston Professor of Behavioral
Sciences, recently gave a colloquium to the Social/Personality graduate program at
UMASS-Amherst titled “Attitude Functions and Consumer Decision-making.”

Robert Baker, professor of philosophy, presented a paper titled
“History and Minority Distrust of Medicine” at a conference on “Hope,
Distrust and Allocation: Minority Encounters with the Healthcare System, Issues in Medical
Ethics 1998” at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Catherine Womack, assistant professor of philosophy, delivered
comments on a paper on “Longino's Social Epistemology” at the Pacific
meeting of the American Philosophical Association recently. She is to chair an upcoming
session at a conference on “Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics” to be held
at Notre Dame University.