Posted on Aug 11, 1998

Admissions has exceeded its goals for new
students and transfers with 545 freshmen and 39 transfers.

“The staff is very pleased with the new group, in
terms of both quality and quantity,” said Dan Lundquist, vice president for
admissions. The Class of 2002 was selected from the largest applicant pool in the
College's history — 3,600 — with an admit rate of 48 percent and a yield of
31 percent.

“We are seeing slow-but-sure increases in racial and
geographical diversity indicators, with the male-female balance remaining steady, as are
preliminary indications of academic discipline. Academic indicators are comparable with
last year's.”

For 2002, 48 percent are women, 16 percent are minority
students, and 46 percent are from within New York State. One in five have a legacy