Posted on Mar 12, 1999

March 1, 1999

1. The minutes of Feb. 22, 1999 were approved as corrected.

2. Steve Schmidt reported for the subcommittee working on the lunch hour problems. He
offered some suggestions made by Steve Pearse, director of Dining Services, on rearranging
the food centers and swipe lines.

— If a change is to be made in lunch scheduling, it must be decided by the end of
the 10th week of Winter Term in order to take
effect by Fall 1999.

— It was decided to send the various proposed schedules to chairs and to ask them
to indicate which options will not work and why, and to rank order all options.

— Steve Schmidt will create a memo to be distributed to chairs.

3. The contents and distribution of the report on the calendar were discussed. The
report received by the Board plus various appendices will be distributed in the following
manner: the full report and appendices will be on the Web. The full report with some
appendices will be sent to the faculty. Hard copies of the report will be available for
students in the Reamer Campus Center. Additional copies of the appendices will be sent to
department chairs and made available in the library.