Posted on May 28, 1999

A lecture by Edward Stanton on his 30-day pilgrimage on the Camino de
across Spain will have special meaning for Professors Victoria Martinez and
Louisa Matthew and their students. They will be hiking the famous trail this summer.

Stanton's talk on “Walking Across Spain: The Camino de Santiago
is Thursday, May 27, at 7 p.m. in Hale House's Everest Lounge.

Stanton, professor of Spanish at the University of Kentucky and author Road of Stars
to Santiago
, found his journey a life-changing experience. “My life was in a
shambles, I felt exhausted by work, my marriage was foundering,” he said. “When
finally I had the time to make the journey, I prepared my backpack, found a walking staff,
flew to Spain and took to the road. I knew what I was fleeing from, not what I was
seeking. The Camino would teach me that and many other things.”

The area is rich with history. Thousands of pilgrims teemed along the Camino in
search of the remission of sins thought to be the prize for reaching Compostela. James A.
Mitchener calls the route to Santiago the best in Spain and one of the finest anywhere. He
says of Stanton, “Edward Stanton has joined this host of believers and recounts his
adventures with stylish conviction.”