Posted on Sep 24, 1999

Ashraf Ghaly, associate

professor of civil engineering, delivered a talk titled “From Theory

to Application Via Practical Projects,” at the National Science

Foundation's Center for Advanced Cement Based Materials' sixth

Symposium on Teaching the Materials Science, Engineering, and Field

Aspects of Concrete at Northwestern University, Illinois. He delivered two

talks — “Technology as a Double-Edged Sword” and

“Technological Electrocution” at the Workshop on the Pedagogy

and Delivery of Information Technology in Science, Engineering, and

Liberal Arts Education recently at Colgate University. Also, he spoke on

“Investigative Learning in Engineering Using Prototype Scale

Testing” at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at the

University of Rochester.

Mary K. Carroll, associate

professor of chemistry, has published a paper, “Interactions between

Methylene Blue and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate in Aqueous Solution Studied by

Molecular Spectroscopy” in the journal Applied Spectroscopy.

Co-authors are Marc A. Unger '93, Andrew M. Leach '96, Melissa J.

Morris '96, and two collaborators from the research group of Prof. F. V.

Bright at SUNY Buffalo.