Posted on Nov 12, 1999

International study was the “intellectual

pivot” of this year's Watson Fellowship applicants, according to

Prof. Harry Marten, co-chair of the Watson Selection Committee. “I

think it would be fair to say that the College's emphasis on

international study has really stimulated these people,” he said.

Four seniors have been chosen as finalists for the

Thomas J. Watson Traveling Fellowships, which provide full support for a

year of study abroad. They are Loralynne Krobetsky, Courtney Randall,

Kimberly Rohback and Molly Shaner. Final selection takes place in


Among all 14 who applied, the international study aspect

of Union was visible in the applications, Marten said. Though the

committee discourages students revisiting a term abroad for a Watson, the

applicants built on their international experience and in some cases

involved some of what they began on a term abroad, he said.

Krobetsky previously studied in Italy, Shaner in the

Czech Republic and Germany, Randall in London; and Rohback in Japan.

Krobetsky's proposal, “Mysticism in the Post

Modern World: The Stigmata,” would have her study the role of

stigmata in art and culture in Italy, France and Ireland. She also plans

to write a novel based on her study.

Randall has submitted a proposal titled “An

Activist Outlook on European Gay Culture.” She would like to visit

London, Paris, Vienna and Athens to observe gay culture from an activist

and literary perspective.

Rohback has proposed a fellowship study titled

“Vestiges of Mao,” a year-long trip through China to observe how

Mao is remembered 50 years after the founding the People's Republic of


Shaner has proposed “Photojournal: Fathers and

Daughters in India, Kenya and the Dominican Republic” in which she

would observe relationships among the three cultures.

Other committee members are Doug Klein (co-chair), Grant

Brown, Sharon Gmelch, Joyce Madancy, Louisa Matthew, Byron Nichols and

Andrew Wolfe.