Posted on Jun 2, 2000

Faculty recently approved a number of changes to the
faculty manual. The changes:

Add language that
requires the administration to inform the FEC of any changes that it makes
in the faculty manual;

Limit appointments to
liaison committee for athletics, campus facilities and library to
staggered three-year terms;

Permit the FRB may form
subcommittees as AAC does;

Add a legislative
flowchart for FRB following the model of AAC's Flowchart;

Grant faculty status to
the director of Schaffer Library;

Require the Faculty
Appeals Committee to consult the chair of the Faculty Executive Committee
and the Vice President for Academic Affairs about questions of FAC

Clarify what happens in
the event of a faculty override of a presidential veto. (It requires a
two-thirds vote of faculty in residence; chair of the FEC is to forward
the amendment to the trustees.); and

Increase staff
representation to two on the Planning and Priorities committee.