Posted on Mar 15, 2002

Martha Huggins, the Roger Thayer Stone Professor
of Sociology, has contracted with the University of California Press
to publish Violence Workers: Brazilian Torturers and
Murderers Reconstruct Atrocities,
which she co-wrote with psychologist
Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University, also president of the
American Psychological Association; and Mika Haritos-Fatouros,
president of the Greek Counseling Association. The book is also
under contract for publication by the University of Brasilia
Press. Huggins also has published an article, “State Violence in
Brazil: The Professional Morality of Torturers,” in
Citizens of Fear: Urban Violence in Latin
(Rutgers University Press, 2002). Katherine Goldman
, a graduate student at Rutgers, is co-editor of the anthology,
and organizer of a conference in Mexico at which Huggins
first presented the paper.