Posted on Mar 20, 2003

Eric Noll in sunnier times; thanks for sparing us the grass skirt

Friends call him “youngish looking,” “youthful” even “well preserved.”

But for Eric Noll, director of Human Resources, the day of reckoning has arrived. He turns 40 today, making official what many have suspected all along: he's … well, experienced.

Noll began his distinguished Union career some years ago, working for what was then called the Office of Personnel. His first task was to solve the parking crisis, imposing a regulation that required all buggies and horse teams to park in lots on the periphery of the campus. He also was a key player in President Nott's committee to examine the College's pay scale, a group that instituted the “sheep for every employee” policy that held for a number of years. More recently, Noll headed a panel that oversaw the installation of manual typewriters in a number of college offices.

So, if you see Eric today, wish him a “Happy Birthday” … in his good ear, of course.