Posted on Jun 26, 2003

Daniel M. Lundquist, vice president for admissions, financial aid and communications

Daniel M. Lundquist, vice president for admissions, financial aid and
communications at Union College, recently received the meritorious service award from the Alumni
Council at Union College.

The award was presented at the recent ReUnion.

Lundquist, of Niskayuna, joined the College in 1991. Since then the College has set records in
applications and selectivity.

Also at ReUnion, three alumni received the Alumni Council's Gold Medals. To read
more, visit:

The citation for Lundquist read:

“Dan, it certainly is no coincidence that since your arrival
at Union in 1991, the College has become a
“hot school” with prospective students and their families.

“Under your leadership, the College has set (and re-set)
records in queries, applications, selectivity, yield and diversity.

“But you are always quick to point out that those are simply
markers. The real success of the admissions program is measured by the bright,
energetic and involved students who engage themselves in a classroom debate,
volunteer with a local organization, play on a team or travel the world.

“The College's growing reputation and visibility is due to an
ethic that you have instilled in your staff, what you call “high-touch and high-tech.”
Through a strong combination of cutting-edge technology and personalized
contact, the Union message effectively reaches thousands of people here on
campus and around the globe.

“If we needed a symbol of the success of your programs, we
need look no further than the elegant Grant Hall, whose renovation you
championed as a new home for admissions. Thousands of families have been
welcomed to campus in this lovely building. And more recently, the
award-winning admissions viewbook and web site have created a stir among the
college-bound and admissions professionals alike.

“Dan, besides effectively conveying the College's unique
strengths to thousands of young people, you have become a recognized national
advocate for restoring to the admissions process honesty, authenticity … even
fun. With your gift for turning a clever phrase, it's no surprise that you are
a frequent source for national media on topics such as early decision, college
rankings and the affordability of education. You have done much to demystify
the process of competitive admissions, and many of the beneficiaries of your
counsel are enrolled at Union today.

“The most satisfying validation of your work must come from
the many letters like this one from a young woman who will become a Union
student this fall: 'I am extremely excited about my acceptance to Union College,' she wrote. 'When I realized I had
gotten in, I actually jumped up and down and cried.'”