Posted on Jan 30, 2004

Linda Patrik,
professor of philosophy, recently published a paper based on her research work
at the Nitartha Institute in E-ASPAC, an electronic
journal in Asian Studies sponsored by the East/West Center of the University
of Hawaii. The paper,
“Transplanting Tibetan Philosophy,” describes three North American
schools that translate and teach Tibetan philosophy to westerners (Naropa University,
the Namgyal Institute, and the Nitartha
Institute). It also analyzes some of the obstacles to Tibetan philosophy's
acceptance in the West. Patrik's paper, “Perilous
Sitting: Krishnamurti's Criticisms of Meditation Practice,”
is forthcoming in the Krishnamurti Monograph series. This paper discusses
the distinction between meditation practice and true meditation, which was
drawn by the 20th-century teacher, Krishnamurti.
She also delivered a paper, “Letting Philosophy Go: The Role of Reasoning in Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism” at a session on Tibetan philosophy at
the Fordham University Ancient and Medieval Philosophy conference in October.