Posted on Apr 30, 2007

For the third year, Campus Action, Union's social action group, has constructed the Iraq War Memorial display, which includes 3,336 stakes along the walkways at the center of campus. There were 2,399 stakes set out last year.

Iraq War Memorial 2007

The stakes have the name and age of every American soldier that has died in Iraq. 

In addition, a display in the front of Schaffer Library contains 100 nameless stakes; each blank marker represents a group of Iraqis who have been killed in the war. The Campus Action group said estimates of Iraqi deaths range from 62,000 to 655,000.

Iraq War memorial 2007

Campus Action aims to support the growth of social change on campus, within the community and in society at large. Members say the display should "make the consequences of the Iraq War more comprehensible to all who view it."

"The war is still going on and we wanted to display for everyone the consequences and the costs of war," said Ian Kennedy '07, who has helped plan the three memorials.

 The Iraq memorial will be in place until Friday, May 4.