Colloquium 10/14/10: “Neutrino Physics and The Dayabay Experiment”

Speaker: Prof. John Cummings, Siena College

Title: Neutrino Physics and The Dayabay Experiment

Abstract: There has been a resurgence in interest in neutrino physics in the last 10 years. The observations of the Super-Kamiokande Experiment in 1998 indicated the “oscillation” of one flavor neutrino into another. Several experiments, now running or soon to begin, are attempting to map out the details of the neutrino mixing responsible for this oscillation phenomena. I will present a (brief) history of our understanding of the neutrino, and describe the phenomena of neutrino oscillations and what we can learn from them. Finally, I’ll describe the Dayabay experiment and it’s goals.

As always, the colloquium will be at 12:40 in Room N304, with pizza and soda available at 12:20 for those attending the talk. For details of future colloquia, see the Fall 2010 colloquium schedule.