Colloquium 1/20/11: “Talking to My Dog About Science”

Speaker: Prof. Chad Orzel, Union

Title: “Talking to My Dog About Science: Why Public Communication Matters, and How Social Media Can Help”

Abstract:: At a time when the primary challenges facing the world are scientific in nature– pandemic disease, global climate change, green energy and technology– it is more important than ever that the general public have some understanding of and appreciation for science. At the same time, polls show that public understanding of science lags far behind the necessary level, and well-funded media operations attempting to sow doubt about issues like climate change have had a major negative impact. In this talk, I will discuss some of the problems with communicating science to the general public, and discuss the new opportunities for public communication afforded by Internet technologies.

As always, the colloquium will be at 12:40 in Room N304, with pizza and soda available at 12:20 for those attending the talk. For details of future colloquia, see the Winter 2011 colloquium schedule.