Prof. Rebecca Surman Receives Stillman Prize

The 2007 Stillman Prize for Excellence in Teaching was awarded to Professor Rebecca Surman of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The prize is awarded annually at Convocation to a faculty member nominated by students, and selected by a committee of faculty and students.

Professor Surman does her research in the area of theoretical astrophysics, publishing ten papers and receiving two large grants in the past few years. She has also supervised a large number of student research projects, in addition to teaching a wide range of course in the Department of Physcis and Astronomy. She has served as the faculty advisor for the local chapter of the Society of Physics Students, helping to organize field trips, public outreach activities, and career information sessions.

She was cited particularly for her enthusiasm and approachable demeanor, and her ability to encourage questions in upper-level classes. For more information, see the Union College Chronicle.