Summer Research Information


All housing arrangements are made through Residential Life.  Students are responsible for payment of their housing arrangements.  Please note that on-campus housing is typically not available after mid-August.


Information about Summer Research Checks


Before you start your summer research project:

Students being paid hourly should go to Human Resources (located at CPH) and fill out the necessary paperwork so that you can be paid.  This should be done ASAP.

All summer students should submit a request to the mailroom to leave your mailbox open so that your check(s) will be delivered without delay.  The default is to close it at the end of the year, so you need to speak to the mailroom to have it kept open. If you need to have your check delivered to a different location or have questions or concerns about your check, please send an email to and Ruth Cotter at You may also choose to set up direct deposit when you do your HR paperwork.

Hourly paid students:

If you are an hourly paid student (almost all students are), you will receive a check based on your hours worked every two weeks. Specific information about the schedule to submit timesheets is forthcoming.

The hourly wage for Summer 2023 is $14.20 per hour.

Summer Research Seminar Series

The Summer Research Seminar Series will meet twice weekly starting in late June or early July, on Tuesdays and Thursdays with lunch provided for students and faculty who are attending the talks. Tuesdays are generally reserved for student “Elevator Pitches” where students give short (2 min) overview presentations about their research. On Thursdays, we invite representatives from different campus resources and programs to come and discuss their program and opportunities for students  (i.e. makerspace, career center). We may also have faculty research talks on some of these days.

We will have a poster session in early August for students who want to present their work as a poster.


What do I do when my summer research has concluded?

1. Work with your summer research faculty advisor to write a report that summarizes your summer work.  This report may take any form that is acceptable to your faculty research advisor.  After consulting with your advisor, complete the Summer Research Final Report Submission Form (you will be uploading your pdf only file through this link).

2. Once submitted your report will be forwarded to your faculty research advisor for final approval.  Your advisor will reply to this message indicating his/her official approval of the final report.  **Do not submit your final report directly to your advisor for their approval.**  Although we strongly encourage you to work with your advisor on drafts of your final report, you must submit the final version through the above link. 

3. Fill out the Summer Research Survey.

“Research Fellow” will be added to your transcript if you complete all requirements of your summer fellowship.  The Undergraduate Research Program will work directly with the Registrar’s Office; no additional action is required on your part.

** Failure to complete the Summer Research Final Report and the Summer Research Survey will result in not being eligible for any further funding from the UGR office (including Summer Research, SRG and Conference Travel funds). 

*Checks are issued once every two weeks.  Depending on when you submit your report, it could be up to 3 weeks before you receive your check.

Fri., 09/22/2023 – submission deadline for exit surveys and final reports

Wed., 09/27/2023 – submission deadline for advisor’s final report approvals

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